Recent Achievements

Shade Structure

Thanks to a sizable invest by the Hibiscus Coast Progress and Sports Association. Seaforth now boasts a very modern shade structure over the park on O’Neill St. We hope that everyone will make great use of this fantastic facility.

shade structure over the park on O'neill St


Safety issues addressed at the George st./Poinciana Avenue corner.

For many years this has been a concern to the association. We have made attempts to have this a one-way street but some residents weren’t agreeable to this option. With the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in this area being a priority, the only alternative was to take this foot/cycle traffic away from this dangerous corner. An alternative route to the shops, wading pool and swimming en- closure is now available by taking the concrete walkway that starts at 6 Poinciana Avenue and goes into the camping reserve. There will also be beach access from this walkway. The Hibiscus Coast Progress & Sports Association has made a sizeable contribution to Mackay Regional Council to ensure that this project became a reality.